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Over the years Laserfast has been supplying laser profiles, we have been involved in so many industries that it would be impossible to list them all

Laserfast produces laser profiles for many different areas of engineering, from agricultural machinery manufacturers to retail display suppliers and to restorers of planes and motorbikes to blacksmiths making weathervanes. The nature of a laser is that it has no tooling and so can accommodate 1 offs with little set up costs and is versatile in that it can cut shapes that many punches could not.

The beauty of the FOL laser is that it is capable of so much more than our original lasers, and in some cases has been proved to be faster than a punch.

We supply up to 20mm thick in mild steel, 12mm in stainless, 6mm in aluminium, as well as galvanised and zintec sheets which some other lasers cannot cut.

We can offer small prototype work through to tens of thousands of parts and endeavour to supply to requirements with our “lights out” and 24/7 production.


Some work
A sample of zintec profiles which we recently supplied