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We deliver to your needs

Services Laserfast Offers

Laser cutting

We have been providing a sub-contract laser service to companies for over 10 years. The majority of laser profiles are mild steel but we do offer stainless, aluminium, zintec and galvanised laser profiles.

Laserfast carry adequate stock to satisfy many enquiries within 24 hours if required.

We are equipped with Amada lasers and currently run an FO and a FOL in 3000 x 1500 size.

CAD design

Laserfast runs Sigmanest software for its CAD work. This means that Laserfast can accept DXF, DWG files as well as draw your parts from dimensioned drawings. The Sigmanest software ensures that the parts are nested to be most economical, again helping to save costs for the customer.


All quotations include delivery costs so that there are no hidden extras. Laserfast do have a small minimum charge for some parts but we believe that we are still competitive within the laser market.We deliver to Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex at least twice a week and further afield at least once per week.


Laserfast will always endeavour to work to the tight schedules which customers require. If, for example, laser profiles are required within 24 hours then Laserfast will do their utmost to offer that service. We do not offer any of the “premium”, “gold” or “24 hour” services that many laser companies provide at a higher cost to the customer. Laserfast feel that if a customer needs the item, and Laserfast can cut that item and deliver it on time, then there is no need to charge a higher rate for the “privilege”


Example of work
Example of 15mm mild steel
Example of work
Various parts cut on our FOL laser